Better Together

Winter 2020

Better Together

The Better Together blanket is part of the “Welcome Blankets” series by 8 artists under the theme of ALL ARE WELCOME : ONE HUMANITY. For every blanket purchased, 3 are donated to IRCO to use as a gift of welcome to immigrants and refugees.

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The “Better Together” blanket is inspired by the power of unity and diversity seen within humanity. The colors are an ode to the range of skin tones represented by different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Better Together emphasizes the strength in community and by existence opposes division. It is meant to be inclusive, yet set apart. It does not negate individual identities for the sake of unity, but rather celebrates it.

Blanket Design: Andrea Cenon
Video/Visuals AD: Andrea Cenon
Model: Jowaan Sullivan
Supporting Photography: Stephanie Bautista
In Collaboration with: Graphic Arts Center 
Supported in part by: RACCPDX