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Art direction for WALd’s social media introduction

Summer 2021
Creative Directors: Andrea Cenon & Jowaan Sullivan
DP: Diego Contreras
Designer: Warren Aldrich
Producer: Kendra Harris
Director’s Assistant: Marlo Thomas
Steadicam Operator: Andrew Ansnick
Desert Model 01: Matt Chute
Desert Model 02: Jennifer Lee
Desert Model 03: Jowaan Sullivan
With: Tyler Boutte
Film Photography: Matt Chute
Studio Photographer: Matt Romasanta
Studio Model 01: Alex Barlas
Studio Model 02: Danielle Torres
Studio Model 03: David Shin

Location: Trona, CA
Studio Location: PASSERINE Studios
Special thanks to Quixote,
And the Boutte family.

Includes—art direction, creative direction, on/off set direction, collaboration, production, ideation. 

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