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Goodbye 24

I couldn’t begin to understand
the fragility of life
the length of our days
why sitting in yesterday
felt like an eternity
but in a moment’s notice
we are greeted by eternity.
I couldn’t begin to understand
the magnitude of this life
wrapped in immortality,
we have today.
Goodbye, 24
hours, the measure of our days.
I couldn’t begin to understand
I’m both observer
and member.
From where I stand,
I am in awe that though we don’t truly
grasp the entirety of our existence,
we gather and cling,
a collective
in the face
of pain. of joy,
to honor. to celebrate,
that which we don’t fully grasp.
And in it we find
there’s something increasingly valuable
within the days we each hold.
From where I stand,
I’m met by fear, but taken by courage.
From where I stand,
I look to Jesus
with Whom I’m only able.
From where I stand,
I couldn’t begin to understand.
Life is only short.
so as life goes without regard,
our only response
is that we must live
and live fully.

There’s No Lack

when you walk into the room
and you see the tables are taken
and the chairs are far from reach
when you walk into the room
and every hand seems to be held
and heads don’t turn
and your eyes are unmet
when you walk into the room
and it feels empty.
I hope you remind yourself
that still,
“there is no lack.”
and maybe that room isn’t yours to walk into
so keep walking,
until you find the seats and hands
waiting for you.
there is no lack.
and there’s a room
for you.


He saw her walking from a distance.
She was carrying a plant almost twice her size.
Surely towering over her.
The leaves were wilting
and the edges have browned.
As her pace grew quick,
her leaves fell quicker.
Finally, she reached Him.
Dropping her plant at His feet,
Her eyes welling,
She glances up at Him,
Only to make sure He’s listening
Her hands gently caress the leaves she has left,
With disappointment in her breath,
She asks,
“Do you care?”
His eyes locked towards her,
He responds,
“Greatly.” ⠀


I hope
you enjoy today.
I hope you
invest in friendships
that feel temporary,
give love a shot
even if it may not last.
I hope today
gets your best.
I hope you
find moments
to fully
sit back
and see
that today is good
that today is enough.
I hope you
enjoy today,
because today
was once your best to come.

In His Image

dark midnight.
cream silk
black coffee.
brown earth
and sand
white snow
ocean blue
golden flower
different hue
the sun rises
the sun sets
the sun shines
the same
on you
and me.

Take Me Home

rushing home
In clothes that have
collected my sweat
a discomfort I welcomed,
the heat
embraced me
like it missed me,
the sun stared at me blankly
knowing I was a familiar face.  
I rode in peace
with an old friend.
when I reached home,  
I smelled like the sun.
as my shirt grazed my nose.
suddenly I heard my parents,
after every hug
from a day outside,
they’d always say,
You smell like the sun.
I didn’t know how
distant home felt,
until I smelled it so close.


she asked if I still
thought about him
like he was a library book
I forgot to return.
is there a place to drop off
these thoughts?
maybe a donation center
accepting unfinished words,
interrupted affection,
run on sentences
that form
my version of him.
if so, drop the addy
so I can let go of this
past due zaddy.

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