“Are you from Portland?”
“Nope, I’m not from here.”

This back and forth conversation happened frequently. With a mixture of self-reflection, vulnerable conversations, and timing, Not From Here came to life. It took form as a social media visual story. Not From Here celebrates resilience from our discomfort of doing our best in an unfamiliar city with unfamiliar people. We are the shockingly clear minority in Portland. Not From Here does not attempt to solve the issue, but it provides a space to celebrate who we are despite where we are. We are not from here, but it is our home… for now. #notfromhere

Not From Here lives on Instagram where elements of the story were posted daily during the duration of the campaign which also allowed for interaction from viewers. Includes—art direction, storytelling, concept creation, collaboration, and design execution

AD & Design: Andrea Cenon
Photography & Prod.: Cindy Lu
Talent: Isaiah Buchanan, Camille Padilla,
Nic Escobar, Bernadette Little, Andrea Cenon
Portland, Oregon